Play-based Learning

Children are naturally drawn to play. During play activities, their brain falls into theta wave state which puts the child into a state of maximum absorption. Adults call this the “in the zone” state.

By simply playing and having a teacher guide and reinforce the activity they are able to absorb everything from new vocabulary to a new skill.

When a child falls into the zone while playing we never interrupt since we understand something great is happening in their brain. Teachers are keenly observant and are always part of play in order to reinforce lessons on social skills and other skills needed to be mastered.

Cooking with Carolina

“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” ? Julia Child, My Life in France

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Little Fridas Art Class

Every Monday, we honor Frida Kahlo by diving into painting on our plexiglass easels. This class is suitable for all ages, as long as they can stand and walk, they can paint 🙂

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Bobby Doowah Music

Rock and Roll, jump, dance and shake with this upbeat and fun music show that incorporates hands-on instruments and tons of participation from the students

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