Let’s be grateful

Wo12193867_1055647891122471_831558871443710091_nrking with toddlers requires lots of attention and energy, when we introduce a new sensory and manipulative activity we often make sure to hand the materials at the same time for all the little ones since waiting is not an option. Even though patience is a very important skill it is difficult to master during the toddler stage. This is why we starting to adapt activities in which all toddlers can participate at the same time, they can also be as involved as they wish with no pressure and the ultimately results is always pleasing regardless of who worked most or least.

For this activity and many others I used a big roll of white paper that I found at Costco, it is a packing mea12065802_1055648104455783_3341059853447614398_nt paper but the thickness and durability of the paper makes a wonderful art paper for the fraction of the price.

I drew a big turkey with thick black sharpie and with my hands I spread glue all over  the turkey.

We had pre-cut squares of different tone brown construction paper, I piled them on the floor and everyone quickly joined and started to stick the paper to the sticky turkey, after our turkey took form we read a few books about being grateful. Throughout the day we had conversations with the children about what things or people in their life they were grateful about, we took note and completed our craft by writing our grateful thoughts on the turkey’s feathers.

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I’ve had the pleasure to witness dozens of young lives grow and evolve in the past 15 years. The more I work with children the greater is my conviction that young lives are the key to our progress and evolution. Early childhood isn’t a glitch in our lives, it isn’t a bare memory that will fade eventually nor is the equivalent of a 5-year rule that life will start over after kindergarten. Early childhood is the time where brand new minds open up to understand this world. Children are hungry, they are born hungry, from the moment they take their first breath and remain hungry for the next 5 years. Our children are hungry for understanding, knowledge, they are hungry to understand social-emotional situations, themselves and others.

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