Weekly Enrichment Classes

We have visiting teachers and instructors coming to our little house every week to teach our friends Yoga, Capoeira, and Music.

  • Every Monday, we honor Frida Kahlo by diving into painting on our plexiglass easels. This class is suitable for all ages, as long as they can stand and walk, they can paint.
  • Tuesday @ 10 am, we have Capoeira (pronounced cap-o-way-da) is a high energy Brazilian martial art that combines self-defense techniques, acrobatics, music, dance, and culture.
  • Yoga is every Wednesday at 9:30 am.  Our little yogis learn the power of breathing and stretching poses while pretending to be animals. They also learn fun songs that relate to the Yoga core teachings.
  • Thursday is Music. Bobby has been teaching us music for over a year. He brings instruments and props to make our music experience educational and fun.
  • Friday we are cooking with our wonderful teacher Carolina, she walks us through recipes of popular dishes from Latin and Central America.

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