Toddler (2 – 3 years)

Toddler (2- 3 years)

The Toddler years are some of the most exciting. You have this little human that in a short year has grown and evolved faster than any other times in our lives. Toddlers go from slowly walking and tumbling to running. They go from mumbling sounds too high pitch notes and in some cases, full-on sentences. By the time your child becomes a toddler, he/she has quickly developed a personality with likes and dislikes, opinions and beliefs. This can be challenging and also a very interested milestone.

Because toddlers are always so active and busy our goal is to continue to feed their curiosity, wants and needs. We also understand that this stage of experimentation and first times can be tricky, for this reason, safety is always emphasized, modeled and promoted on daily basis.

Having an ever-evolving classroom with educational toys and materials we ensure that toddlers are able to experience the best of early childhood activities and experiences.


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