How to potty train your toddler

This is one of the many wonders of parents. Potty training is not only viewed as a myth but it is also cause of concerns and many many questions. There are things that work and things that do not, at the end all children are unique and their learning capacity varies from child to child. […]

Natural Ketchup in under 2 minutes

Have you met a child who does not like Ketchup? Ketchup lovers are born everyday, it is far the most popular dipping out there. I witnessed the love for ketchup everyday, some children put ketchup in their mac n’ cheese while others put some mac n’ cheese in their ketchup… yes gross. Regardless ketchup seems […]

Best sleeping routines for infants all the way to school age.

Routines and schedules are incredible important during early childhood years, they structure a child’s day in order to help them develop healthy habits. Once the child knows what’s coming the sense of security and trust is greatly reinforced. Do you think children sleep too much? Actually a child’s brain needs all the REM(rapid eye movement) […]


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